August 29, 2010

Blog Award - Cherry on Top

Earlier in the week Stephanie at Cricutmimi blog spot this me this blog award.  THANKS STEPHANIE!  I have to tell you I had no idea what it was and what to so with it but was very excited that she thought I was worthy of receiving it.  So after a few emails back and forth I finally figured out what I was suppose to do, I think.  I may still not get this right LOL but I am going to try.  Since it took me so long to get this done I also got the Award from Melissa at MelissaMade blog.  Here are the rules:
Here are the rules:

1.Thank the person who sent it to you

Thank you,Stephanie

2. Copy award to your blog

3. List 3 things you love about yourself

A. I am happy with who I am.

B. I love to make cards that I think people enjoy.

C. I love that I am a very upbeat person.

4. Post a picture you love. 
5. Send the award to 5 blogs you love.
 The hardest part is picking just 5.

My Sheri's Crafts
Capadia Designs

Thanks to all those that inspire me.................I take horrible pictures but here is a picture on Me, my Mom and my two brothers very rare that we all get together.


mforquer said...

Thanks Donna - Congrats on receiving it twice - YOU ROCK! Love the picture too - great to see family together!

Peggy said...

thanks for the blog award, Donna. We are so grateful.

Peggy & Donna

Cricut Couple said...

Thanks Donna, so much, for the award! We just love your blog and are thrilled that you like ours too! We sincerely appreciate it!

Most Sincerely,
Bobby & Jill

Larelyn said...

Congratulations, Donna. Isn't blogging fun? You're doing a great job. You know how much I love your cards - you just have a knack.