August 18, 2010

Using Drywall Mesh Tape in making Cards

A year or so ago I read about using Drywall Mesh Tape to remove things from you Cricut mat keeping them in order and evenly spaced.  Here is a LINK Clever Someday where you can read more about it.  It is very reasonable to purchase at any home center or hardware store.  It comes in rolls or sheets.

OK, here is what I did with it.  Below is a picture of a frame I cut out from Stretch Your Imagine and attached to a card base.  The one on the left is the actual frame cut and the one on the right is the negative cut that I lifted off the mat using the drywall mesh tape. 

Here is a picture of the drywall mesh tape that I used.  It is re-positionable and will not damage or rub off on your cardstock.  I picked up all the negative cuts off the mat using the mesh tape, then flipped it over and put my Zig glue on it then placed it on my card base, rubbed it a little let it dry for a few seconds them peeled off the mesh tape and the pieces stuck to the card base. 

Try this technique, it works great.  I have also picked up things like a "Happy Birthday" cut and then stored it still stuck to the mesh tape, that way it all stays together and doesn't get bent. 


mforquer said...

OH Donna - I've been trying to figure out what this stuff is! I've seen it on other blogs but no one has ever said where they get it!!! Thanks so much for the great tip!

Sharon said...

What an awesome idea!!!! Looove your frames! :)