July 31, 2010

My very first blog post!

My mind is reeling, and twirling and frighten all at the same time!  I am very excited to have a blog now that all my wonderful Cricut message board friends have encouraged me to do so.  They have all been so kind and said very nice things, like "your cards deserve a place to hang out",  "I always look when I see your name and know I am in for a treat", "your cards are wonderful".  All this is very hard for me to believe they are talking about me!  I love making cards and I want to share that love and fun with you.  I am consistently trying to learn new things and it is because of all the people on the message board,  and of course me participating in "RAQ's Card Challenge" each week that I have been able to create the cards that I have. 

I will now have to pay better attention when I make cards as to sizes, cartridges, cut sizes and so forth as I will try and provide instructions.  Please feel free to let me know if I am leaving something out if there is a way I can improve my posts.  I am just learning this blog thing and need all the help I can get.  Now, I probably won't post everyday as it takes me half a day to pick out my papers LOL.  I am a very slow card maker.  I will try and go back and post some of my older cards.

Now a special thanks to MelissaMade (MB name) for being ruthless in getting me to start a blog, to Sheri at "My Sheri's Crafts" for taking the time to physically walk me thrugh things to set this up. 

Oh, I have so so much work to do on my blog, any suggestions are truly appreciated Enjoy!