December 23, 2010

A Fun Couple of Christmas Cards

During this past year I have managed to suck (LOL) two of my sister-in-laws into making cards.  Not too sure there DHs like me for it but it has been good for all of us in many ways :).  When I got my first Expression in November 2008 I packed up my baby bug and put it in the closet not knowing what to do with it, then a year or so later my one SIL (Turtlebug on the MB) said she wanted to start making cards, yeah my baby bug had a new home.  Then my other SIL (BingoLady) wanted to start making cards, first using just a Cutttlebug then when we found a CriCut Create on clearance at WalMart we could not resist getting it for BingoLady.  So now we all had Cricuts, then I thought I "needed" a new Expression and had a fabulous pre-Black Friday sale so I got me a new one and gave Turtlebug my old Expression.  So the baby bug is back in a closet again.  Well enough about the story of our Cricuts here is the special card I made for my two SILs.

I got this image from Tiffany Doodles if you like using digis stop by and check out what she has, there are some awesome images. They are slightly different, can you find the differences.......................well OK I will tell you.  There coloring is a little different, one has FunFlock on it antlers and the other has Crackle Accents on it's antlers.  I also added some white Fun Flock to his socks!
Here is a close of of the one with the Fun Flock
And just for added fun I put a red jewel on the his nose.  Did they come out cute?  Thanks so much for stopping by and would love to hear you comments.


Summer said...

HAHA- we all love to suck people into our little craft world! Your crad is so cute and the flocking turned out great! TFS

Sharon said...

How funny! And what a cute cute card!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Soooooooo cute! Love the red nose!!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

These cards are soooooo cute.

mforquer said...

OH my these are so cute Donna!! What a cute idea! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Big Hugs