December 2, 2010

Finally Organized my Cartridges

Here is one of the reasons I have not got much card making done lately.  I have been after my son (a carpenter) to make me a customized table/shelves to hold my Expression and my cartridges, well ya know Mom is always on the bottom of the list :(.
So here is what we came up till that cabinet get done (ha ha ha) but it works great.
It is a "media storage" unit that sits on a swivel base,  Each shelf holds 5 cartridges and it is perfect for me for storing my cartridges.  I am one of those that like to keep my cartridges and their books in the box.  I have my solutions cartridges stacked on the bottom shelf.  Here is the other side when you spin it around.
I thought I had too many cartridges, hmmm looks like I have more room,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL.  My sister-in-laws have a few on my cartridges (they are just getting started so I let them borrow my cartridges) but I have them linked to my Gypsy so I can still use them.   I have my Cricut markers and my Cri-Kits pens on the top shelf on this side.  Pretty cool huh?  I love it, it is perfect for me.  I got it at my grocery store (Fry's) and it was pretty reasonable.  
Here is what it was like before

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