February 28, 2011

Snow in the Desert

Yesterday morning we woke up and here is what we saw when we looked out the window.
This is the view from our back deck.
It looked so pretty.  Not sure if you are familiar with the Accenture Match Play Golf tournament that was wrapping up yesterday, but it is held just to the left of this picture.  I am sure there was golf on the course.
Here are a couple more pictures, there is nothing but desert behind us all the way to the mountains that are a little less then a mile away.  We have lots of wildlife that comes up to our fence and sometimes in our yard.  Coyotes, Havalina, Quail, Deer, Gila Monster and Bob Cats.
Here are a couple of views out our front door.

These mountains rarely get snow.  Unfortunately is was all melted off within a couple hours of taking these pictures.


Audrey Frelx said...

LOL! Guess the tournament got out of there in just the nick of time!!! However, it does look just absolutely beautiful!!!

Great pictures!

Tanya said...

Oh my goodness...that is just so beautiful! What great pictures to scrap!