February 2, 2011

No card, but a very important post

I have a couple cards in the works on my desk but for now they will have to be on hold...............................................EMMA Olivia is coming!
Tomorrow morning at &:30 they are inducing labor so our Little Emma can come into this world.  We are all so excited beyond belief that I doubt any of us will get much sleep tonight.............I just can't wait.  A sad but very very proud moment will come in just a little over a month, March 9th  my grandson Nate and Emma's daddy will go into the Navy.  So he will have a very very short time to get to know his little baby girl.  I am so excited right now that I can hardly type (well I can't type anyways)LOL!

I posted this picture just after Christmas, but tomorrow that little yellow ball is coming out :)! 

And I would love all your prayers that everything will go well, and I promise pictures when I have them, and believe me I will have that camera out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all


mforquer said...

OH Donna - I'm SO Very excited for you!!! Try and get some rest!!! I can't wait to see pics - prayers and positive thoughts your way!!

Sharon said...

Oh how very exciting!!! You do need to try and rest. When they induce, it can take allllll day for that little one to come. It was that way with our second Granddaughter. Induced early that morning, came late that evening. So please try to rest. Prayers are going up that all will go well for Momma and Emma! Looking forward to seeing the photos!! :)

JustYolie said...

Very exciting!! Prayers being said for Mommy and Emma!

Peggy said...

Oh My Goodness. How exciting. Looking forward to the pictures. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! (((HUGS))) and prayers for all of you!

aka cyimbugbitten

L.B. said...

Congrats!!! Think of the cards you will make that new little one!!!

Claire's cards said...

I hope it all goes well Donna, I can understand your excitement.
I'mlooking forward to seeing some pictures of baby emma. It must be a popular name this week, my friend just had her 1st grandchild and yes she's called Emma.
Claire xxx

Mary said...

How exciting! My Granddaughter's name is Emma too.
I know the excitement that goes with it all.