April 26, 2012

Some Re-organizing in my Room

It seems I am on a forever quest of re-organizing my craft room.  I use a walker to get around so I am always trying to get things set up so they are handy for me to reach from my desk.  PLUS I keep buying new things so I need to rearrange and make room for them.
So I thought I would share a few pictures with you of what I have been up too.  First I had my clear/unmounted stamps in 3 ring binders slipped into sheets protectors, well it worked out but I wanted to get them all into DVD type cases.  So I found these clear plastic binders from Univenture.  Mine had just 2 rings instead of the 3 but they would work the same.  
At first I ordered a thinner binder that fit about 4 sets of clears stamps in them.  But when I reordered, I ordered the thicker ones for the thicker stamps I have like Gina K stamps.
And here they are all lined up on my shelf.  Some are still empty waiting for me to  unmount my wood stamps and put them on the cling stuff.  Yikes what a big job I have tons of wood mounted stamps.
You can see the thinner ones on the right side and the thicker ones on the left.  My plan is to make a 3 ring binder with all the stamps pictured in there and then reference each binder that I will number later.  It will make it so much easier when looking for a stamp to just flip through the pictures then pull out the right case.  I like that they snap shut also just in case a stamp was to come loose it would not get lost.
Now I have also been trying to get my cartridges all handy and organized too.  I am one of those that just can't give up those boxes, I like them better kept in there it does create more of a storage problem but it is my preference.  So I ordered a media cabinet and my great hubby put it together for me yesterday.
Well it still was not big enough to hold all my cartridges, YIKES I think I have too many if that is possible. :).  Another thing is that the shelves were like a fracture to short for me to stand up the boxes so I had to lay them down, but by doing that I could fit more in there.
I could stack some more on top of the laid down ones.  But then I had to get out my handy little label maker and label what each one is on the bottom of the box.
I wish it would have held more but I am still happy with it.  I got everything in it except for my Font Cartridges and my Solutions Cartridges.  I use my image carts much more so I put them along with my Imagine cartridges handy.
And here is just another shot of my room, this is right to left of me when I sit at my desk.
 Well I just wanted to share what I have been up to, I am far from totally done with my stamp storage but at least it is a start.  Thanks for stopping in.


jfcerv said...

WOW, really changed your room around, it even looks roomier! I really like your new cabinet. Can't wait to see all of it on Friday.
See ya!

Stephanie said...

Love the new cabinet. I have figured out that my craft room is a perpetual work in progress. Every time I buy something new...I have to change things up. Good luck.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I am still working on my new space. As I have a small room I don't store my carts in it at all... my Gypsy Woman does that for me and the carts are in the attic. I wish I had my stamps organized like yous.... mine are in a drawer and I have to go through all of them to find what I want.
Yup our rooms are always a work in progress but I love it and I know you to too, and that's all that matters! Have a blessed day.

Cricut Couple said...

I am SOOOO jealous! You should see mine. It looks like the Branson tornado hit my craft room! I am planning on really doing some strong work this week. I hope it all comes together. I am going crazy with it and I get in there with all the amazing things I have collected and I can't design a thing! I spend too much time trying to find everything and don't get anything done. I wish you could come over and point. I really need to hire someone. Hee! Hee!

texascraft said...

Wow you have done a great job, can't believe all the Cricut cartridges you have. I have 11 :)