April 14, 2011

Check this out

There is a 30% off sale on the Scrapin Easel, check it out HERE.  It is pretty cool to work with when you are putting together a project.  It has magnets to hold everything in place.  Even Melanie at Courtney Lane Designs loves this thing and she is the queen of scrapbooking.  Now I do not scrapbook, but I intend to use this to make cards, I think it is perfect for assembling cards as well as scrapbook pages.  Here is a picture of it.  The discount code is EASELME,  hurry and get your now this sale lasts until April 17th.  They are in high demand right now.  Great for going to scraps as you can store paper in it and protect it from getting bent.  Click on my sidebar on the right hand side to order, thanks I pay the same as you but get credit if you order through my link. :0)
There is also a video you can watch to see out this works.  It offers you a pretty big work area but yet folds up to be portable.   Check out the video HERE
but if you decide you have to have one please come back here and click on my link to order.
They also have other great products, like a carrier/storage Scrap & Tote for your Cricut cartridges.   Click the links and get your today, I am.  See the picture on the right hand side bar for the Scrap & Tote.

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