November 20, 2010

Big Girl Panties

Thanksgiving day is my daughter's birthday and she will be 39, wow she is old,  not me LOL!  Although her card has nothing to do with the Thanksgiving theme (I am sure she will glad it doesn't) it does fit into "her" theme.  I made this card following a sketch this week at RAQs Challenge on the Cricut message board, I thought the sketch fit into this perfectly or vice-versa.
The "outfit" is mounted a 5 x 7 piece of charcoal colored paper that has a slight weave like pattern on it.  The outfit opens for the card, which you will see later.
Now I bet you are wondering what does this have to do with a birthday, well once you see the inside you will understand.

I bought this stamp a while back with my daughter in mind.  It is a phrase she uses now and then plus it fits her personality.  Now isn't it cute how the cards goes with the stamp?
Using my Gypsy I set up the base for the card by using a rectangle from George and welding the panties from Paper Doll Dress Up.  Here is how it looked on my mat.

I folded it so the top matched just above where the panties are, I also cut out the same size panties from plain white(2) and red polka dot paper.  I trimmed the front above the panties to look like a waist line and glued on the black polka dot paper on the top and trimmed it the same.  After that I cut the oval using my Nesties to make the neck.   I glued the white ruffle ribbon on the bottom of the legs then glued the red polka dot pantie onto a plain white one to hide the ribbon I had wrapped around the corner.    The "buckle" is a button that I wove ribbon through then attached around the back and covered it up with the other plain white pantie.  The buttons are actually buttons that I cut the back off of and glued down the front.  Here is a picture before I mounted the card onto the charcoal paper and before I put the buttons on.
I just love how this turned out, I think it is so cute, and believe it or not it only took me about 4 hours total.  That is lighting speed for me.  LOL 
Well thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think.  Sorry if I bored you with all the details I am not very good at that part.


Sharon said...

How Cuuuuute!!!!! I love it and thanks for all the details on how you made it. I would have been scratching my head and saying
'How'd she do that?' if you hadn't of! :)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love it.. would love the .cut file if you are sharing... so adorable, you are so creative.