October 18, 2011

You Rock - a repost

I posted this card about a year ago, but I had it in my stash and had not finished the inside.  HERE is the original post if you want to take a peak. Well my older brothers birthday is coming later this month so when I was trying to decide what kind of card for him I remembered this one.  Although he does not play the guitar he does play the drums and still has a set in his living room, yes at 60 years old  ssshhhh don't tell him I told LOL. In fact he still has hair down to his shoulders.  So very many childhood memories around music in our house/family will tell you a cute story later in this post.
The guitar was cut from the Stamping cartridge as well as the "You Rock".  Hard to tell in the picture but the middle part of the guitar is cut from glossy silver paper and Cuttlebugged.  I hand cut very small strips of paper for the guitar strings.  The guitar itself is also Cuttlebugged.
Now the interesting part of this is the background music paper is from a kleenex box.  There were several colors and in the original post HERE I also have a pink girl version of it.
Here is the finished inside, I though this stamp was the perfect verse.  I hope it is readable.
 I think he will really enjoy and like this card.  Now on to that family story.  When Mike (brother) was about 14 or so he wanted to play the drums and as I said my whole family loved music but not as much as my grandma so she bought him his first set of drums.  As he got older and better and joined a band he saved up enough to upgrade his drum set, well my grandma offered to buy back his first set of drums for she paid for them (to help him out) and she took that set of drums and put them in HER living room and she played them! She had an ear for music and never took a lesson in her life but if she could sing a song in her head she could play it on almost any instrument.  She had a concertina, the set of drums and later she bought herself an organ and boy could she play them all.  I don't know how much you really want to hear but I am on a roll and this story popped in my head.  While I was living in Tombstone AZ she came and spent sometime with me, we would go into town and she would say "come on let's go to the Crystal Palace for a beer" so we would go and she would order her beer.  One day in the afternoon there was a small band playing and she went up to them and said "let me on the stage I will play those drums" and sure enough she did, she was probably in her 70s and she kept right up with that band.  She was so amazing and we lost her way to soon to cancer because I can only imagine what other memories she would have let us.
Thanks for stopping in and letting me reminisce.


Audrey Frelx said...

Donna, I love your beautiful card!!! YOU rock!!!

Cricut Couple said...

This is SOOOOO Cool! I wish the guitar card I made a while back would have turned out this good. Love it!

Hrvatica said...

Lovely card. The sentiment is just perfect.

Stephanie said...

That's a great card and I loved the story.