January 3, 2011

A Repeat of my Anniversay card......Funny

As some of you may know December 27th was our 25th anniversary. We went to Las Vegas to celebrate along with several other family members. Well on 12/27 when we got up, I placed the anniversary card I made for my husband on the bed while he was in the shower. Here is the card

I got in the shower after him and when I came out this is what I found

I thought it was hilarious! Since we were out of town and the trip was our anniversary and Christmas present it was OK that he didn't get me a card.

To see my original post on this card with more details click HERE


Summer said...

That is really cute!

Sharon said...

Oh how funny! :)

Jasmine Wilmany said...

LOL!!! Well it is a great looking card. lol


★ Jasmine Wilmany


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is priceless... Such a wonderful memory to have....