October 22, 2017

Some Fun with Watercolor Pencils

My great-grandkids were here last weekend so we had some
fun using the Watercolor Pencils from MAPED.

                           When I was sent these pencils to review I knew 
                                           my great-granddaughter would love them.  
                         She loves to paint but we all know how messy that can 
                                      get with a 6-year-old, so I thought
these pencils would satisfy her love of painting.

I printed up some images on some mixed-media paper
and had them all ready for them.

Here she is all ready to dig in and color.  I didn't really tell her what
the pencils did just that I had a surprise for her.  

So I had her color in some of the pumpkin using one of the pencils.

After she had a bit colored I gave her a water brush and told her
to go over where she colored.   
I so wish I would have videoed her when she first so what
happened when she added the water, she was so amazed and excited.

Then, of course, she had to sharpen her pencils. 
She was pretty impressed that it caught the shavings and of course
she loved the pink & purple color.

And her is she with her finished artwork.

Now the lil guy had been watching his big sister all along so he
had to have his try at those amazing pencils. 
His favorite color is orange so he had to color his little 
monster picture orange.
"OK, Nana now I am ready for the water"

And just like big sister her had to try out that pencil sharpener.
Even with his little hand he could hold this sharpener. 

Aren't they just the cutest little artists.  All in all, it was a fun time for all
of us, they got to paint and Nana did not have to worry about water getting
spilled all over or paints getting tipped over. 


Sue Crease said...

What a lovely time they had with Great Grandma, it's always the little things that give them unexpected joy....the pencil sharpener lol. X

Crafting Circle said...

Don'tya love it when the lil ones get creative.. WITHOUT all the mess lol. I can't really complain about my lil man and making a mess..I am just as bad haha. Those look really cool.. :)