January 21, 2016

Well Hello........

......long time not posting.  
I know it has been quite a while since I last posted and I always want to get back to paying more attention to my blog but it just has not happened.  However now I am going to try real hard to post at least weekly.  Thanks to all those that have followed me and still peak in when I do post.

So to catch up I am just going to post some random cards I have made lately to show you what I have been up to.

First off for a challenge on the CraftingCircle message board a month or so ago we were challenged to use the Bohek method to make some background paper.  I had been wanting to try this so I was glad it same up.
So here is my card that I used my Bohek paper on. 
It was so much fun making the paper and I love the way
it turned out.

Here is a great male card.  I think it is called "triple stamping".
I colored the image with watercolors to give it a more mute look.

A few more that I have made recently.

Well that should get me a start back into blogging, I hope.  See you all real soon
Have a fabulous day.


Sharon said...

These are most fabulous Donna!! I so love the male card!! And the paper on the first one is wonderful!! I love all of your cards!!!! :)

Crafting Circle said...

Love the cards.. the last one doesn't look familiar though??.. really like that one :)